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Empire Four Kingdoms VS Shadow Kings

Empire Four Kingdoms / July 21, 2016

team2012In our blog, we regularly share news from our company, introduce you to our teams, and give you a peek behind the scenes of Goodgame Empire and our other games. Every now and then, however, we receive questions that aren’t about our latest development and games, but rather concern our older titles: “Why don’t you make updates for Goodgame Gangster anymore?” We think that today’s blog post is the perfect opportunity to provide a detailed answer to this question and explain why we no longer develop Goodgame Gangster and some of our other games like Goodgame Galaxy and Shadow Kings, of which our Classic Studio is taking care of apart from Goodgame Big Farm.

Goodgame Gangster – How it all started
Approximately 30 game designers, programmers, and marketing specialists share a small office in western Hamburg. The calendar shows June 2010, the month that Goodgame Gangster – back then still known as Goodgame Mafia – was born in the online world.Goodgame Studios_2015 In this game, the player takes the role of an up-and-coming mafioso who has to fulfill orders and other tasks for the godfather in order to climb the career ladder. The players form their own families and fight other young crooks around the world. In this photo, you don’t see any young crooks, of course, but rather our team from back in the day – many of whom still work here now:

Goodgame Gangster was the third game produced by our company, which was still very young back then, and it proved to be very popular throughout the world – after one year, the title already numbered 4.5 million players. In addition, a variety of other games came and went, like Goodgame Farmer, Goodgame Galaxy, and our still very successful titles Goodgame Empire and Goodgame Big Farm. As our player community grew, so did our company. We went from a small startup with only a few employees to Germany’s largest developer of gaming software.