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Mobile Games / March 12, 2017

Clash-screenThe hit mobile game Clash of Clans has received countless updates over the course of the past few years, but more are coming soon to get rid of Clan War cheating, and all cheating. Here we’ll be going over a few details about Clan War cheaters, how to spot them, what to know, and what players can actually do about it. Not to mention cheating in general.

Users who play Clash of Clans daily and go to war often have probably seen it more than a few times. In fact, it’s a rampant and growing problem in Clash of Clans, one that needs to be fixed. Lately Supercell has added a lot to the game, improved War matchmaking and fixed a lot of bugs, but their next big task is dealing with cheaters.

The huge December Clash of Clans update changed the game forever. It was the biggest update in three years, and many of the changes were to get rid of cheaters. However, those didn’t address Clan War cheats, and instead focused on bots that keep the game online 24/7 so users couldn’t get attacked, or other things.Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.55.02 AM Here we’ll be discussing Clan War cheaters, and what everyone needs to know about it.

In one of our recent Clan Wars we faced a clan that was cheating to the max. All their bases were decoys during the 23-hour preparation period, and all changed minutes before war started. Now I do this too, in an effort to prevent the enemy from practicing on my base, or to make them brew an extra army and spend more resources, but once the war and attacks start is when the Clan War cheating truly begins.

Update: Supercell, the developers behind Clash of Clans made some major announcements this week regarding cheaters. Claiming they’ve taken big steps to deliver fair and balanced gameplay, and will take immediate action against cheaters.

One way to spot cheatersOn April 20th, Supercell released the first small “server side improvements” update to help the company identify hackers, cheats, mods, and bots in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Their two most popular games. The update started rolling out last night and the changelog didn’t state anything specific. However, it’s aimed at spotting cheaters. Warnings are going out, users are being banned if they continue to use these hacks, and even forum members who’ve admitted to cheating have been banned as well. You’ve all been warned. Don’t be surprised if your account gets banned or deleted.

Any hacks, mods, bots, automation software or apps that are being used will get players warned, banned, accounts locked, and any action that is necessary. This isn’t a one-time move, but a continued effort to keep the game clean, fun, and fair. Read on for more details about other upcoming updates aimed at fixing these problems.

Cheating or “ghost” attacks have been around since Clan Wars launched in 2014, and eventually that problem was resolved, but these days something even worse is around that makes gameplay unfair, and ruins the experience for everyone.

While cheating comes from all places, I’ve notice many Asian clans are the ones that cheat the most. Not to say they are the only ones, but it does seem to be more often when we face those types of clans. So how do you know if a clan is cheating, what can you do about it, and when will Supercell fix it? Read on to learn more.

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