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Clan Castle level 6 Defense

Mobile Games / August 14, 2015

I believe having another spell available for a "mass dragon" attack is definitely more overpowered than before when you had to use 3 lightning spells to kill an AD with no additional rage spell. But everyone's entitled to their opinions People said Hogs/Witches weren't overpowered back when you could 3 star any base before the update.

There's a difference between before and after the update, clearly, but the idea that a dragon attack, EQ-light or otherwise, is overpowered, especially against high-end TH8s, is highly dubious, if not flat out nonsense.

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When using my Barbarian King to help funnel, he does help clean up the buildings surrounding the base a little in the process. But I have never actually used him solely for clean up. I've personally never ran out of time when using Mass Dragons or DragLoon. If you usually have that problem, then yes; I would recommend using him for clean up.

LOL, umm, wait until you get to be a higher TH8 and your tune will likely change.

And I'm not sure if the, "you" used above is an, "in general" "you" or directed to me.

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What was meant is that if done correctly, there is no Town Hall 8 Base that cannot be 3 starred using this composition. Out of the 20+ attacks I have done, and seen using this strategy I have never seen someone get a two star when performing the basic fundamentals of this attack correctly.

I very much want to see a bunch of these 20 attacks, especially if they are against AD666 and against max/near-max TH8 war bases. Anything less than that and it's 4-play, as it can likely be 3* with just about any dragon attack.

I also seek to understand why you can make this bold claim, "there is no Town Hall 8 Base that cannot be 3 starred using this composition." Because you are doing well now and expect that to continue? Yeah, I thought the same thing when I was a new/semi-new TH8, the first time through. As for the 2nd and ~3rd time completely through TH8, however...

The critical decision of any war base evaluation is what attack gives you the highest probability for a 3*. At higher TH8 levels, this seldom is dragons, either mass drags or drag loon.

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I've seen countless videos of OneHive and Powerbang videos using this exact composition for perfect 3 star wars during their TH8 series. I added the "high end" part to make it sound more official, but it's an attack like Mass Dragons for TH7's that always can replicate a 3 star in war making it a very valuable tool to win Clan Wars. It's a lot more consistent that a GoWiPe or someone who is not skilled with Hogs to do a GoHo.

No, this is patently false. Mass drags/dragloon at TH7 is vastly different and will result in a much higher percentage of 3*s than against a TH8 (it's extremely difficult to miss on TH7). I believe you don't understand this yet because you aren't near-max TH8 yet.

You need to pause and think about what you are saying...

If it was so good/OP, why aren't all/substantially all of the TH8 attackers using this attack almost exclusively?

Yes, the base in the video was not the best representation of it. But it was my first attack using the composition. I have a lot more clips of me using this composition on many Anti Dragon and Anti 3 star bases that are almost fully maxed. Also, this is why you need Balloons for your attack. High hit point buildings don't matter with this attack. You're Dragons are mostly tanks for your Balloons which take out the Air Defense and leave a base defenseless vs the remaining air troops you have.

You're representing that you have, "lots more clips" of you attacking almost fully maxed TH8 bases using this army composition. I presume this means you are including L4 loons, yes? I find it interesting that you didn't say you 3* these bases, although it most certainly is implied. If you are claiming that you are using 99 with L4 loons and haven't ever missed with a dragon attack against max/near max TH8 bases, yes, I would very much be interested in seeing "lots more clips" of 3* attacks using 99-EQ Light and L4 loonsThe bolded comment is utterly stunning and inaccurate. I fear I'd likely cringe if I looked at your war base.
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Unfortunately I don't have level 5 Balloons yet on my TH8 since I am semi new

This is quite obvious Originally Posted by ClashingwithAndre Level 4 Balloons: (for one Balloon) 288 DPS and 280 HP (5 housing so x4) = 1, 152 DPS and 1, 120 HP.
Level 2 Dragon: (one Dragon) 240 DPS and 2, 100 HP.

I would MUCH rather have the four Balloons (that specifically target defensive buildings) and do an extra 912 DPS, over a single Dragon.

A flawed analysis, as it's wholly incomplete. You will learn soon enough Originally Posted by ClashingwithAndre

My apologies if my responses sound defensive, but the it seems you're missing the reason why it's called DragLoon and not Mass Dragons. The Balloons add a specific benefit to your raid which Mass Dragons don't have, an extra spell since the update makes this composition more powerful than it was, and I've seen countless Mass Dragon attempts fail on my non maxed TH8 with level 5 AD's.

LOL, I'm not missing the point in the slightest. In my mind, anything 7+ drags is, "mass drags." Everything else is support troops for said, "mass" drags. You're attempting to make a big deal about semantics, which is pretty much meaningless right here, as it doesn't change the point in the slightest. There isn't a single thing you are saying that I don't understand.

Picking between a "mass dragon" attack vs. dragloon is often base specific.

Against three AD5s, however, most solid to good attackers could likely pick either and roll the base if they had L3 drags and the CC filled with loons or another drag. And, once again, I wouldn't discount hogs in the CC in the slightest. Against certain bases, hogs will do far, far more work than loons.

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