Clash of Lords 2 updated with tons of new features

Clash of Lords 2 update Windows phone

Clash Of Lords / March 3, 2017

Gameloft has just announced their Siegefall game has just receive one of the biggest updates since launch. The update brings a new game mode, lots of defensive cards, as well as a new buildings and new gaming features.

The update is now live on all three major platform: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you already have the game installed, you can check for the update in Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Store.

The most important change included in the game is the addition of a new game mode called Vanguard. You can now fight in live PvP duels by simply attacking or defending against other players from around the world.

Naturally, you can build your own Vanguard Base, which is exclusively used for live duels. But that's not all, as 10 new defensive cards have been added too. These cards can “evoke the poisonous Wyvern, entangle enemies in a Root Cage, and set approaching troops ablaze with a Lava Cascade.”

Attack or defend with a new wind spirit, unlock new hero skins

Gameloft also added Shenlong, a new spirit that you can bring into battle as the first wind spirit. As the name suggests, the spirit will accompany Heroes by unleashing tornadoes upon enemy armies and buildings.

Also, players can use the wind spirit as a Kingdom defender in the Spirit Shrine, as he sends forth a gust of wind that damages attacking troops while knocking them back.

The long list of new features added in the update also includes a new Vault building that's supposed to safeguard even more of your resources There's also a new skin for Queen Nor, which can be unlocked at VIP level 8.