Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 7 Base Layouts (CoC TH7)

Good Base for level 7 Town Hall

Mobile Games / August 6, 2018

I reached th8 in first week of march 2016. And A/c to my calculations i'll need 2 more months (as of now) to totally max out my th8(including troops, BK and walls). However my defence will be maxed in 15 days.

So basically if you have 3 or more builders(i have 4) your defence will be maxed lot earlier than troops(Lab upgrades). But some people prefer to skip few lab upgrades which they don't use. Depending on that time can vary.

For your questions which says “completely maxed”, it will need about 4–5months if you keep your lab ALWAYS busy.

Edit- i see everyone talking about builder time only, but th8 is a bit different than other town hall levels. If you have 3 or more builders(which most th8s have) then your lab upgrade time will be more than builder time to max out completely.

Edit 2: This is my first answer which has got this many view, first of all thanks. If you want know more about farming/ war attack strategies at th9/th8/th7 do check out my YouTube channel at