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Mobile Games / April 10, 2019

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Detailed comparison of how new genre of RTS games like Rival kingdoms are attempting to innovate & improve over ageing counterparts like CoC, to refresh & build next generation of mobile gaming experiences.

I Believe UX design in a product is a voice, that stand for the end user. It must identify, pain points & cognitive friction which users might have experienced in the past in a similar product and also aim at pro-actively eliminating cognitive load for new breed of products as users become more familiar with existing digital experiences, we need to keep evolving the experience, making it better and refreshing.

"A look at some of the screens where RK does it better then CoC"

UX Comparison : On boarding

Is a critical aspect of any game, churn rates can be as high as 40-60%, in the first 1-2 minutes if we don’t get the FTUE first time user experience right.

"My personal observations from conducting usability tests."


  • Do not like lengthy tutorials.
  • Skip through text boxes & narratives.
  • Like to be visually shown a action (animated) then read about it.
  • Take pride in discovering features on there own rather then be handheld.
  • Are familiar with how most common mobile game features work (mental models). Remember players are evolving and maturing having used smart phones for a number of years now.

The purpose of a tutorial is to make players familiar with the habit loop which they can keep repeating to stay engaged. Let’s see how CoC and RK handle this.

On Boarding : CoC vs RK

CoC starts with base building (Tycoon Phase), the ROUTINE part of the habit loop not neccessarily the most engaging aspect of the game.

Players are spending time and currency making production buildings.

This is followed by a brief battle, which dosen't involve much of player input and it's back again to base

building yet AGAIN!

"In CoC players spends first 5 to 10 minutes of their gameplay in base building, the routine part of the 'Habit Loop' not necessarily the most engaging aspect of the game"

Well, you may argue. Om! You got to learn the ropes, right?

Perhaps yes in 2012 when the game was first launched you needed to teach the ropes in so much detail, but not now with every second RTS game having more or less the same base building mechanics well establishing this fast ageing mental model.

"With churn rates as high as 20 to 40%, in the first 1 to 2 minutes if you don’t get the FTUE first time user experience right."

Are you sure? This is how players should spend their first 5 to 10 minutes within your game?

By contrast RK starts with battle (action phase) which is more REWARDING part of the habit loop, player learns troop deployment, the battle makes players feel more engaged & powerful right from start.

This is followed by inheriting the base, that the player just conquered, which makes him feel, he earned and gets to keep his conquest/loots.

Notice the difference in number of buildings, CoC and RK give to the player during tutorial.

RK bestows a more advanced base, with troop portals, defence cannons, strong hold and walls to ensure, the player progresses faster, and spends more time in the battle phase rather than base building at first launch. Reducing grinding/core loop friction.

Second battle is followed by brief base upgrade, which also unlocks a achievement for the player, rewarding him yet again.

"While player is still building his base in CoC, in RK he

commences to his second battle learning the use of god powers."

Tutorial skips in CoC are paid for by the user, while they are free in RK. All players find the free skip generous and a more +ve expereince.

During tutorial Player is rewarded gold & elixir in CoC.

Battle Rewards + Achievements + Gacha streak = 3x Rewards

In Rk players first wins and rewards are multiplied for a more positive and rewarding experience, he gets battle rewards, immediate achievement reward and if you notice, the game is setting pace for Win streak which does random gacha drops, so the 3rd battle immediately after the tutorial gives player a win streak of 2 which gives him a additional gacha rewards.


"For today's mobile gamers, On boarding needs to be easy, fast

paced and a very rewarding experience or they will churn"

Notice how HAYDAY on boarding starts with the most rewarding part of theHabit Loop i:e Harvesting (Which is most fun & yield rewards) and not Seeding.