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Fortress Legends Guide

Games Guide / October 19, 2016

In Fortress Legends players will wage epic raids against opponents’ fortresses in visceral real-time combat. Players will take full control of their hero, traverse dangerous dungeons, hack enemies to pieces and find rare treasures. The key to victory isn’t simply found in bloody raids; players will also need to build, command, and defend a powerful fortress filled with minions, traps and magic to ward off other raiding players. Beyond classic hack-n-slash battles, players are also able to cast spells during raids of other fortresses for a chance to obtain more epic loot. Fortress Legends also features a vast arsenal of weapons, diabolical creatures, and intense battles. Players will also have the ability to level-up heroes, upgrade defenses, and strengthen minions to ensure total victory and become the supreme destroyer of fortresses.

Combine forces with up to 3 friends and defeat foes in real-time. Intense multiplayer action and epic battles await when you play with friends.

Take full control of your hero and hack all of your enemies to pieces. Swing unstoppable weapons and cast the mightiest of spells to leave your opponent's fortress in rubble. Raid other players' fortresses and loot their hard-earned treasures.

Create a massive fortress full of dangers and dungeons. Set up deadly traps and summon diabolic creatures to defend your base. Collect gold, mana, and gems to upgrade your defenses and power up your minions of darkness and destruction.

Forge powerful new weapons such as Staffs, Broadswords, Bows, and Twin Blades! Level up your hero, skills, armor, and much more. Become the mightiest destroyer of fortresses.