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Clash of Lords 2 hack Guide

Games Guide / January 14, 2018

The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise has been around for almost two decades. It even has numerous anime series and a lot of videogames. Then of course Duel Links would be one of those games. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the standard Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. You place different cards on your grid while your enemy does as well. Then, you both take alternate turns to plan and attack. You can put 5 monster cards at the front line and five trap cards from the back assuming that you can since your enemy will be whacking away at your cards until your LP reaches 0. That is a lot to take in but with our Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links hack, cheats, tips and guide you’ll be good to go.

yu-gi-oh duel links hack cheats tips guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is available on both iOS and Android.

Answer Duel Quizzes

Its a game you would rather play it than answer quizzes but Duel Quizzes are different. You basically need to answer them to get some good rewards early on. You get Cards that are really useful. These cards are 1 Stars and they are mostly trap and magic cards. Three notable cards you can get are Block Attack, Banner of Courage and Remove Trap.

Get that Ultra Rare Card

When you start playing the game for the first time you’ll get a gift box that you can choose one out of three Ultra Rare Cards. If you’ve watch the series then you’ll be familiar with any of them. The three cards you can choose from are Dark Magician, Blue Eyes White Dragon and Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Don’t forget about the Card Trader

Cards Trader in Duel links sells a nice diversification of cards which includes ultra rare cards too. He will be available once you reach level 7.

Keep in mind, if you want higher than normal cards, you might need more than gold to buy it. Since the main trading currency other than gold is elementary stones, you can use your old cards to exchange for elementary stones. Please note the element of the stones is the same as the element that you exchanged from.

Even though it is a good way to get good cards, but you will need some extra footwork for it, still, better than nothing though.

Drops from your opponents might be what you are looking for

This can be a great strategy to hunt specific cards in Duel Links. You can do so by checking the specific drops from a certain duels. The value of the reward is parrallel to the level of your opponents, which means the higher the level, the better the drops.

Build your deck

You do get a default deck at the start but these cards won’t be going to take you long into the game. When you have the cards later on, it is time to build a deck worthy of a master. When you have your Ultra Rare Card put that on your deck. It is also ideal to have 2 Ultra Rares when you can but be sure what the requirements are for summoning that card. Having Ultra Rares are good but you need to have a plethora of monster cards of course. When it comes to your monster cards you need to have some that have good Attack and some that have good Defense points. It is also ideal to have monster cards that have a special feature to them regardless of how low or high their Attack or Defense points are. Then finally have a good amount of Magic and Trap Cards do that you’ll have some variety.

Just some duel tips

The thing about the game is that you can’t expect what your enemy will do so here are some tips when dueling. Try to always have a monster on your card field so that your enemy can’t directly attack your LP. Naturally put monsters with high defense on defense position and those with high attack on attack position. Strategically place gimmick monsters when needed. You can also feint by putting Trap cards even if they aren’t usable or won’t make much of an impact. It puts pressure or makes your enemies think twice for them to attack.