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Games Guide / September 26, 2017

2016-03-25-07-05-00-hqdefault.jpgReddit User, Kouxy, shared how this deck is so fun to use plus it got him through Arena 7!


Some Clash Royale Deck Strategies you encounter are variations of other players' strategies. You learn from them and you try and incorporate them to your gameplay. And this one here is a variation of lots of kinds of Clash Royale decks.

Reddit User, Kouxy, shared this deck to help other players play in Arena 5-7. If it can helped him move up to Arena 7, then so can you.


This Clash Royale deck is a great offensive deck that relies on getting your opponent overwhelmed with the attacks you're making. It also enhances troop attacks with the spells that are used to boost them. Spells can be useful when deployed properly with the right troops and at the right time.

Card Roles:

Musketeer- She is deployed to counter Baby Dragon, Balloons, and flying units in general. You can also deploy her behind Barbarians. When you pair them with Freeze and Rage Spell, the tower will be destroyed immediately.

2016-04-25-04-44-33-Giant_new.pngBarbarians- Great against counterpush.

Rage- You use this spell so that your units in its radius will attack faster.

Hog Rider- When used with the Freeze Spell, it can deal damage to towers. It can also be used as a lure.

Freeze- Can be used along with Hog or Musketeer + Barbarians

Zap- stops a push, which earns you elixir advantage. It can diminish health of horde troops.

Arrows- Used against Minion Hordes, Goblins, Barrels or when enemy tower is only below 100 health

Goblins- used as a lure or defense or reinforce pushes

Battle Strategy:

Ignore the "Don't Attack First" Rule since you aim to aggressively put down cards.

When dealing with high elixir cards like PEKKA, Golem, you can put Rage in the other lane while attacking with your Musketeer + Barbarian or Hog Rider. You don't want to go against that as you aim to put down a tower first before your opponent. When the opponent has a spam deck, just attack in the other lane as well. That will be your strategy in the first 2 minutes of the game.

2016-04-12-08-38-25-clash_royale_bomber_deck.PNGWhen the opponent uses towers, use the hog to take it down. You can use the Hog with Freeze or Rage. So after taking down a Bomb Tower, he can still damage the nearest tower. Spells like the Fireball will disorient your attacks, so what you can do is save the troops and deploy them once the Fireball has landed.

In the double elixir time, you want to put down every troop card you have, as much as you can. Support them with the spells that you have on hand. You can also switch to defense and just aim for that 1 or 2-crown victory.


Since this deck is more of an aggressive type, its defense is poor so sneaky enemies with great defense will have an advantage over you when using this deck. So it will be very beneficial for you to start strong in this Clash Royale deck.

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Offense is hard to pull off since this deck has no tanks or high hit-point troops, but that is where the fun part comes in. It's quite a challenge to use medium troops and spell cards but it's more rewarding if you win with it.