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Clash of Lords 2 iOS to Android

Games For Android / December 11, 2018

The popular Clash of Lords 2 strategy game received a major update on Android devices a while ago, but developers promised they would upgrade the iOS and Windows Phone versions as well.

Clash of Lords 2 updates are initially launched on Android platform while the other two versions of the game are getting them much later.

Since the iOS update has already been released not long ago, Windows Phone players were the only ones left that did not receive it.

Today, developers announced that Clash of Lords 2 for Windows Phone is now eligible for an update that will bring many new features and improvements.

First of all, a new battle mode called Hero Trials has been added. Players must collect Hero Trials statues to increase their attacking Heroes' HP.

Two new classes, the Berserker and Won Ton are now available for Clash of Lords 2 players. The update also unlocked evolution for Carol d’Belle and Savage Chief, and increases level cap for selected buildings.

Developers also confirmed that they have added Passive Skills for high-level buildings, as well as a second Talent slot for Mercenaries (tap the talent to view their description).

New Enchant Hero feature, Valentine's Packs added

There's also a new Enchant Hero feature. Keep in mind that the following Heroes will get new skills when you enchant them:

1. The Berserker: Buff Up – Increases HP and ATK for Guards. Also adds Guards.

2. Abyss Demon: Leech More – Increases HP Recovery for allies when the active skill is used.

3. Skull Mage: Magical Forces – Increases duration of divine skills’ buffs affecting DMG, ATK Rate, and SPD.

Some arena adjustments have been implemented too, such as Daily Challenges that have been reduced to 5, and Additional Challenges reduced to 3. Also, Continent Map icon in base now redirects to Hero Trials.

As the title says, new Glory Egg item has been added, which is obtainable through 10x Hire. Glory Eggs can be used to increase the level of Hero Glory Points. However, it can’t be used on Glory Points beyond Level 6.

The update also adds a Holy Hammer, and Hero-to-Hero Damage to battle report. A 1 Hour Shield item is now available in the Shop.

Last but not least, players can now select their reward in the Lucky Spin while Soul and Mutagen have been added as prizes. Valentine’s Packs are available too.