Clash of Lords 2, IGG s New Combat Strategy Game Mixed RPG

Cheats Clash of Lords 2 Android Online

Games For Android / September 5, 2018

Get some Gems and use them

Gems are premium currency and you can use them in different ways. The easiest way to get Gems is to put real money into it. If you don’t want to use real money then there are other ways. One other way is to complete achievements. Each achievement can grant you a number of Gems but once you complete the achievement you can’t do it again. One other way is by logging on daily. You don’t have to play the game but just log in on a daily basis. When you do use your Gems especially if you’re not using real money then save those Gems for buying Builders.

Get 3 Star ratings if possible

When you’re doing battles against enemy players or even computer AI you can end the battle on the star rating with 3 Stars being the highest. Try to get as much 3 Star ratings as you can as you will gain a lot of rewards with 3 cards being the ones you should be after. Then again getting a 3 Star rating doesn’t seem to be as easy for most people so just keep that in mind.

Upgrade everyone

You get to use Heroes in the game during battles and that’s where the cards usually come in. When you have the chance, you should upgrade your Hero to make them much stronger than they already are. However upgrading Heroes can be costly but it can grant you good results. The other thing you should upgrade is the other troops as well. Upgrading Heroes is good but when your regular troops are weak then you’ll still have a hard time.

Plan your defenses

When you have to be on the defensive it can be ideal to place the buildings just right. Use your walls to cover your defensive structures and buildings that you wouldn’t want to get destroyed right away. Place the not so important buildings on the outside so that enemy units will attack them first as a bait so that the defenses do work on them.

Imitation is flattery and good

When you encounter an enemy player that has a good defensive formation then why not imitate it. Its not like you’re cheating but you can get an idea to see how to better fortify your defenses plus you can always look up defensive formation plans online as well.