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We glad to (now very-very) official announce TES:TW 1.4 by releasing this short video - "Mercenaries".
Mod will use special system of AOR recruiting, providing factions to hire into their armies soldiers of Fighters and Mages Guilds, knights and templars, bandits, daedra and, of course, your favourite Hordes of Undead. Yes, this minor faction of brain dead ghouls will disappear from global map, but all new and old units will сome under the banners of vampire lord Harkon and mighty necromancer Mannimarco. Hell, if you'll watch video attentively, you can see the new bosmer units. It means we now add Kingdom of Valenwood into 1.4. It's a joke. Valenwood is useless faction, we won't add it.
Let's speak about merc system and units, shown in trailer.
This system isn't completely new for Medieval II or Total War games, it just uses some good ideas you've seen before. Except "field" mercenaries different factions will be able to recruit many new units in special buildings and, sometimes, by having special generals.0212446001468948357 For example - by having Harkon and Mannimarco (they are available for all factions), you can recruit skeletons and high ranked undead units in special buildings. High ranked undead units depend on what general you have. Where are many another generals, leading another unique units - Anaxemes Camoran, Orwas Dren, Vosec Moon, daedric prince Hircine and some others.
Recruiting of soldiers recuires special buildings.0130846001468948357 Player will be able to recruit most of mercenary units in Mages or Fihters Guilds departments, including their own units of mages and fighters, expensive, but strong enough to opposite even soldiers of Legion. Recruiting units like Renrijra Krin, unique argonian tribes and templar knights requires their own special buildings, and sometimes - special regions. Empire, khajiits and argonians can build residence of Black Forest Comapny in Leyawiin and territories of Back Forest, what performs similar to Fighters Guild functions, but pronounces, on one hand, hire more powerful and cheap fighters, and on other hand - spoils public order.

In Fighters Guild the player will be able to hire:
- all units belonging to the unique generals (except undead), the Dawnguard, the Companions, knightly orders of High Rock, tribes of argonians and khajiits, pirates and Camonna Tong.kingdoms 2016 04 25 21 06 00 13 All other mercenaries require unique buildings.
Units shown in the video, close-up:

The Companions

Fighters Guild

Blackwood company

The Dawnguard

Volkihar vampires


The Wild Hunt of Hircine (yes, it's deers :) )

Non-merc units shown in video:


Lords. Hircine and Harkon


Year ago, this day The Elder Scrolls: Total War had it's first release. It was result of more than three years of hard work, made by two people, mainly...

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