Empire Four Kingdoms v1.26.50Apk

Empire Four Kingdoms level 3

Empire Four Kingdoms / June 1, 2018


I might get some of the levels wrong or not even no in places but if you have just unlocked an upgrade then you not what level you are anyway or if your coming up to unlocking an upgrade you can find out what level you need to be by selecting the building you already have or going to the build menu.

First of all though it's worth saying you should upgrade your walls, towers and gate EVERYWHERE as soon as you unlock the upgrade.

1. Estate. Whenever you unlock the estate or and upgrade for your estate (I know the last one is at level 30) make sure you do this and get your new outpost straight away. Outposts are great for boosting your resource output and increasing the size your army can reach. Remember the outposts with a sparkle next to them can support 8 farms, woodcutters or quarries (depending on what that outpost produces) as opposed to 6.

2. Barracks at level 20 and 25. This is best explained with an example. On a level playing field 5 halberdiers will defeat 20 standard macemen. Add tools and walls and this number could easily double. If you have spearman you're looking at 5 for 5 so the increased defensive abilities are staggering. His obviously works for two-handed swords as well. Level 25 you unlock their ranged counterparts and again the boost to defence and offence will give you a ridiculous advantage over enemies who are still using the weaker unit types.

3. Level 37-40 a whole range this time and we are going to have to do a list
* moat at lvl 37 because moats make a massive difference in a fight. I sent 700 travelling knights, two handed swords and heavy Xbows at an enemy with a moat. I killed 100 defence and died horribly lol. They make a massive difference! Which brings us onto the next upgrade...
*lvl38 siege workshops because this either makes your new moat up to 110% (wow wish I had the rubies for the fire and castle moat ) more deadly or goes some way to eliminating the destructiveness of your targets moat and so you won't lose as horribly as I have before (bitter experience)
*Lvl 39 research tower because veterans are deadly and you can improve everything you need to. Produce more resources, gain more in taxes, increase army movement speed when supporting, market barrow speed, resrouce plundering, spy movement speed... The list goes on.
*lvl 40 if you can afford the rubies we have the final bakery upgrade and the final farmhouse upgrade as well which is great for giving your army size a final boost

Source: community.goodgamestudios.com