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Clash Of Lords / August 10, 2017

Hello there, in this thread you will find the costs needed to evolve your epic heroes .

A big thank you to Tr0sk for updating the graphics of the charts for the thread.
His Guide Database can be found here ~

Here is the full list of the charts for Heroes with Evolution unlocked.
For the help.
Alchemy Workshop FULL INFO and level costs ~ By TheW83.

~Won Ton~


~The Berserker~

~Demon Slayer~
















~Savage Chief~

~Carol D'belle

nd level costs ~ By TheW83.

Alchemy workshop information is also always very helpful if you're short on mutagen/shards or anything else you need to evolve your heroes, check out the thread.

Evolution Costs Analysis ~ By Wheelie.

The thread will be updated with the lastest unlocked evolution chart for the hero when there is a new evolution or hero unlocked.
If you wish to contribute to the thread by any way please send me a private message.
Thank you to TheW83 for pointing out some of the mistakes in the charts, everything should be right now.
Again Thank you to Tr0sk for updating the graphics and making it easier for everyone to see the charts