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Clash of Lords 2 TH7

Clash Of Lords / June 2, 2019

Before I start, let me tell you a little about me and my progression in this game. Skip this paragraph if you don't care. I am a mid th9, with 138 skull walls and 111 lego walls, with one lonely lava. I have 430 war stars, my maxed defenses include teslas and mortars, and most of my troops are maxed. I have 10/13 heroes, so I'm a little behind on that, but I'm currently power leveling my queen to 15.

Ok, now on to the actual guide. I will go over defenses, traps, offensive buildings, offensive troops/spells, and resource buildings, saying what I believe it the most important to upgrade, or if you are a freshly upgraded new town hall whatever, which new stuff you should focus on. Keep in mind that this follows my gameplay perspective, so if you do now share that perspective you may disagree with some points. My gameplay revolves around resources over all. I love war, but I will always upgrade something that protects and helps me get resources easier. After all, loot is the lifeblood of this game, without it there is no progression.


Now I think that offense should always be prioritized over defense, from a farming and a war perspective. First I will go over the buildings that help your offense.

New hero if one is available: Th7s, focus on that king. Its hard, and will take some time, because you cant collect dark elixir to use right when you upgrade to th7, but still try and get him ASAP. Th8s, save 40k DE while upgrading to th9, so that you can buy her as soon as the upgrade finishes.

Spell factory: This should be your top priority to upgrade when starting a new town hall level (if you have an upgrade available of course.) Having a new third spell, or fourth, or fifth, adds so much more power to your attacks than if you didn't have that extra spell, also, having a new spell unlocked can change the game for your attacks.

Lab: I don't like saying this should be your #2 priority. It really should be #1 along with the spell factory. Try and upgrade the lab and factory together if you can. The quicker you upgrade your spell factory, the quicker you can upgrade your troops to whatever new level you unlocked.

Barracks/Dark Barracks: Upgrade at least one of these to the max you can get as soon as you can so you have the new troop available.