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Clash of Lords 2 Hack

Clash Of Lords / September 6, 2019

Who does not know with ni game, a game that is somewhat similar to Clash of Clans (my friend said), although not a game ni coc but my friend insisted on if this game coc, yes what can not be helped if people have their own opinion

Clash Of Lords 2 in the class I just play my own game remaining on the main ni Clash Of Clans but do not make me have to play Coc also yes (but I’m playing well).


Overall ni game sometimes they make me forget to eat, drink, eh boyfriend girlfriend ngak there. Can say so yes, kalo2 to think about already 4 years I play ni games clash of lords 2 but keseruhannya not exhausted – exhausted due to frequent updates of her new hero for stopping not want to get all the heroes who never updated clash of lords 2 hack online

Back to the theme this time I would love the most tips and tricks on the clash of lords 2, her tips and tricks that quick way to Deity Clash Of Lords 2. This tips and tricks must be known by the players clash of lords 2 for beginners or players long because at these tips to speed up the majority of the increase lvl hero / hero merceneri and skill. Why do I say so? because in the Arena there are many rewards such as soul, ring, jewels, gold, xp eggs, but to achieve the reward reward- require a special trick and fairly easy bother.

Therefore, at this time I want to Articles Love Tips and Trick Arena Clash Of Lords 2, immediately wrote the following:

Tips 1. Attack the enemy who levek skill / her hero is “lower” than you.
Here we ourselves can predict whether the level of hero / skill us from bigger enemy what it is smaller. When attacking an enemy we must take a bigger point to maximize up to the deity.

Tip 2. When attacked we must look at the position of the first hero equal or more advanced step of the arena. If the first hero parallel to the arena or step bit of arena we can be sure that our hero will attack the arena.