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Clash Of Lords / September 18, 2019

War and Order hack

Assemble the biggest army ever seen and crush all your enemies

Camel Games brought forward another great game called War and Order, and where there are great games, there are also hack requests. This new War and Order hack was just released a few days ago, and I decided to make it public as soon as possible because of how many people needed it, we’ll talk everything about the game and the generator below.

For those of you that are impatient, I’ll start with the link to the generator; we’ll then continue with the review of the game and talk more about the tool later. The most important characteristics of the War and Order cheats are the user-friendly interface and the speed at which they work, the program is incredibly easy to use and can fill up your account with resources in just a few minutes. The entire process is completely safe, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse this, as the server can get overloaded when there are too many requests sent to it.


War and Order is a free action mobile game developed by Camel Games. It will make you forget about everything and might give addiction because it cannot be let down once started. It is a new civilization builder where players are supposed to raise their empire with the help of an army composed of orcs, dragons, lizards and elves.

War and Order HackedTimers

The most annoying thing about this type of games is the building timers. Each level automatically imposes a longer time for an upgrade, which can be quite dull – a player has to wait hours in order to get his Farm at level 5, for example. The timers under seven minutes are free, which means that you do not have to use your gems to speed it up. Yet, those above 7 minutes will require different amounts of gems based on how much a player has to wait. In other words, if the building needs 20 minutes to be done, you will spend only one gem. Yet, if you have to wait 5 hours, you will be required 15 gems.

However, it gives you the chance to speed up the building time without paying any gems. Since it is an alliance-based game, you can ask your members to help you only by clicking an icon that pops up. Each person that helps you speeds the timer up with a minute. It might not make a big difference if you have hours to wait, but on short-deals, it might be great. You can ignore the timers only when you have unlimited gems, gems that you can acquire by making use of the War and Order hack, this will allow you to skip the annoying part, which is waiting for things, and this is just one way to make the game more enjoyable.

War and OrderTeamwork

The game works on cooperation – regardless of your level, you can join in an alliance. You can also work your way up to the top as a solo player, but it would be better if you would be in a team. This way, you will level up both faster and safer. To improve the entire alliance, members contribute to a common pot – for example, if one player donates wood to certain alliance technologies, the whole team receive boosts to their sawmills.
What differentiates War and Order from other alliance-based games are the fact that it gives players the opportunity to raise soldiers both for their alliance and for people who are outside of it to go and fight battles. Most games providing alliances enable players only to interact socially.

In-app purchases

Although it is a free game, there are also in-app purchases that will help you upgrade your experience. This alternative is mostly used when players run out of gems or resources and have no time to wait for their troops to return with them. Otherwise, players have numerous ways of getting them – by playing; gamers can get gems through various rewards; also, they can send their troops to mine them. Moreover, there is a merchant ship which allows you to sell some of your resources for shells. In turn, allows you to buy various things from him such as building speed boosts.

War and Order GameplayAs if it was not enough, it allows you to upgrade your experience without paying anything. As in every other game with in-app purchases, the fastest way to get to the top is by buying premium resources, in this case gems, now, everyone knows how expensive this can turn out, that’s why the War and Order hack is so useful. By using this tool not only you save money, but you also get to enjoy the game more. Having unlimited gems in War and Order is better than struggling to get some. Keep in mind that is in no way associated with the other generator created by some anonymous team.


If you want to be successful and grow your territory fast, you have to bear in mind some general tips. As this is an alliance-based game, being a member of a team leads to bigger daily territory rewards and gives players the chance to win more battles. If you want to win the most loot and Lord XP, you have to rally every day with your alliance. This can be done only if you have upgraded your Castle to level 8 and built a Hall of War. As soon as you can, upgrade to level 4 because you will be able to recruit numerous elves and orcs.

Stay safe

To not lose your account, you would be better if you bind it with Facebook. This way you can recover it even if you update your system or change your device. If one of this happens, you will have to log in the game and temporarily play with a new account. After you have finished the tutorial and can tap any button, tap on the Lord icon. Then on Switch Account to log back into your old account. Talking about safety, hacking War, and Order this way is totally safe, you are at no point at risk of getting banned.


To become stronger than any king in history, you have to win numerous battles. Although you can do it alone, it is advisable to enter an alliance and discuss with your allies which battle should you carry on. The main point of this game is to work together while conquering an endless world of empires and imagination. Apart from your allies, which will help you at any time, you will be accompanied by a powerful army. The army is composed of Orc Knights, Dragon Riders, Elf Sages and other incredible warriors. They are ready anytime to fight for your empires and to get you numerous victories.

If you are a fan of spectacularly animated battles, you have to raise a massive army with various characters. Each and every one has its special and unique powers. In case your enemy’s army is stronger than yours, you can ask for your allies’ help. They will come in a matter of seconds either on horseback or lizard-back so as to attack the opponents from all angles. After the fight is over and you have been declared victorious, you can show your gratitude to your allies by sharing with them the new territory.