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Clash Rise of Heroes

Castle Heroes / February 19, 2018

As a Producer at Making Fun (a social/mobile game publishing division of Fox), I helped lead some exceptional teams in San Francisco / Buenos Aires (Redpoint Labs) and Prince Edward Island (Telos International) to make Facebook games.

Clash: Rise of Heroes is a superhero-based collectible card game (CCG) with a level of depth and strategy not usually found in most social games. I worked on project management and post-launch refinements, including a map-based campaign mode, asynchronous multiplayer, and new forms of monetization closely tied to our analytic reports.

Bugsters is a colorful arcade-style tower defense game where your pint-sized colony tries to attack and defend against enemy forces. I wireframed UI and game concepts, wrote quests and character dialogue, and managed team priorities and milestones.

For both games, I provided interaction designs for the screens below.

Clash - Battle Screen

Source: okaysamurai.com