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Clash Heroes

Castle Heroes / September 17, 2018

◆◆◆You'll get 1000 Gems for Free◆◆◆

Build your clan, train your troops, bring your Heroes in the battle, Attack & conquer other players over the world.

5/5 "Best Real-Time Strategy game I have ever played on phone!"
5/5 "If you're looking for a fun, exciting game, be sure to play the Heroes Clash!"
5/5 "Really fun game to play with the friends"
5/5 "This game is so awesome and unique! Thank you bring me joy every day!!!"

◆◆◆Features ◆◆◆
• Battle & chat with millions of Online Players around the world.
• Build & Customize your Clan - Upgrade buildings, walls & defenses to strengthen your Clan.
• Battle with players worldwide and plunder their resources
• Defend your town with Heroes, Tesla, Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Traps and Walls
• Build your clan into a invincible kingdom
• Easy and fun to play, but have a lot of skills and tactics
• Go on funny quests and adventures in uncharted world

What's New in Version 1.3

* Fixed 3D Touch bug
* Some Bugs fixed and Optimization

Needs improvement, but overall a great.
by Medrano_

This game i guess you may so copies clash of clans to the max but hear me out. It's not so bad it's actually better ina way its like the classic clash of clans, you can farm or trophy push if you'll like just how it use to be BUT down side of this game is it has way to many ad's everytime i open my app a add pop's up and messes the app up so i have to close it until it opens right, please take the ad's of at least when opening the app.

Lose the ads please

The concept is great and definitely clash copied. The ads are quite frustrating though.

Heroes clash without heroes!
by Fayzooon

Simply, you can't have heroes even after you upgrade everything to its highest level and you can't have a clan as well

In addition, you can't consume one of the two recourses but by making armies and it stays full all the time

This is the worst clash game I have ever played!!


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  • Size: 89.7 MB
  • Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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