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Castle Heroes / May 26, 2018

Castle Clash ReviewIn my quest to find games similar to Clash of Clans, I came across another popular game at the Play Store. The game is called Castle Clash and is developed by IGG. This game is available for both Android devices at the Play Store and for iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices at the iTunes app store. This addictive app is a base building strategy and combat game for mobile devices.

Like many other games in this genre, you get to build your town base. Then you add various buildings that collect resources, research buildings and defense buildings. You also get to raise an army with which you can defend as well as attack other players. Then there are several heroes that you can train and upgrade. Finally, there are other elements such as base defense challenges, dungeons, hero arena, magical attack, quests and daily challenges.

Castle Clash MainGameplay

There are a lot of things that you can do in Castle Clash. The game does have the basic mechanics of building a base, defending it while attacking others. This seems to be the basic element of several games in this genre. But this one adds many unique new things. There are a wide range of activities that you can do which keeps you busy.

Single Player Mode

Building Base and Upgrading: You start off with a simple base. You have your main building which is a town hall. You upgrade this building to get access to new things. By upgrading, you increase the levels of your buildings and their abilities.

There are various types of buildings that you can build:
  • Town Hall: Your main building.
  • Attack Buildings: Army camp, training center, hero base, hero's altar, hero arena, guild hall and relic hall.
  • Defensive Buildings: Various towers like watch tower, magic tower, arrow tower and cannon tower, traps like hero trap and bomb trap, and finally walls.
  • Resource Buildings: Gold mine to collect gold, mana mill to collect mana and gold/mana vaults to store those resources. There are several other types of resources or in-game currency which you can obtain by buying or performing in-game acts.
  • Decorations: Various decorations you can place around your base to make it look prettier. They only provide eye candy and have no other use.

Moreover in single player mode, you can:
  • Attack Dungeons: Dungeons are AI bases which you can attack. These bases are not built by other players. When you attack these bases successfully, you are rewarded with experience points as well as shards.
  • Defend Your Base: You can choose either "Here be Monsters" or "Heroes Trial". In these, your base will be attacked by monsters or heroes. Waves of attack will come just like in those tower defense games. If you are able to fend off such attacks, you get rewarded.
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