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Best Heroes on Clash of Lords 2

Castle Heroes / January 4, 2019

Being maxed th9(lvl131) and doing the same, I think i’m perfectly eligible to answer this question. It’s September 2016 already and many things have changed after introduction of th11. So those previous tricks and leagues aren't as effective as it used to be before.


Yes, I do with avg 10–13 attacks per day. Before I start I assume that One need to start maxing heroes after maxing out all the gold and elixir based building and troops. Because that's gonna help you the most to follow my method.

you may have heard about good DE loot in crystal and masters league thats true but it is also true that most of those bases will be th10 and th11 and rarely th9(if you’ve too much time to search for them then it's fine) and the main disadvantage is you’ll be looted completely most of the time by higher lvl players. So be in Gold league where you’ll dominate the league and most of the players here are looking for gold and elixir. so you need to make walls out of gold and elixir as soon as any of them reach to 3 million (for lvl10 walls).

these are SSs of my recent defense log:

Note that Most of the time they got either gold or elixir only. (Base design plays an important role here)

The best thing about this base is unlike other farming bases which are focused on saving all 3 resources or only 1 DE, this base is designed to focus on saving 2 Resources(DE and either gold or elixir at a time). That’s why it works effectively. The advantage is, being spread base it's hard to get more than50–60% on it to get both 2 resources from it or one need to attack from more than 1 side But it reduces the chances of getting at the core for DE.

so the trick is you're supposed to switch between two bases 1st-Saving gold and DE and 2nd-saving elixir and DE.

This base has elixir storages out side (when you’ll have low elixir in compare to gold)

It takes only 15–17 mins. WBs take care of first layer of walls and jump 2nd 3rd layer of walls in most of the cases. Archers make sure the direction of Giants and goblins would be towards DE storage. And a group of goblins with rage spell need less than a second to clear DE storage sometimes in presence of inferno towers too.