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Castle Clash / February 25, 2017

In both Dungeon and random raids, the objective is to destroy more buildings to defeat enemies. A minimum 50% destruction rate is required to win a raid. In Dungeon levels, completing a level will earn you coins, Mana, Honor and Hero Shards, with which you can buy additional heroes.

While raiding a random online player's base, destroying at least 50 percent of the buildings in a map will earn you major loot (coins, Mana and Honor). Winning a dungeon level is not easy if you don’t have a good troop combination or a good strategy. Check out this strategy guide to get a destruction rate over 50 percent:

1. Before entering a dungeon or map, make sure you have enough troops to defeat enemies, destroy buildings, and defend your base. Create at least three Army Camps and place them in all three or four corners of your base. Each Army Camp has a 20 troop cap, which can be increased to +2 after each upgrade. So make sure you add more camps and level them up at regular intervals to increase the maximum troop limit.

2. Have a mixed bag of troops consisting of Hunters, Treants and Pyromancers. Personally, I find Guardians useless, unless you upgrade them to powerful units. A combination of Archers, heavy-armored and high-destructive Treants, and Mages can be a good blend for destroying common and defensive structures. There’s also your Hero, who can really be useful in defeating enemy heroes. Mages can be extremely effective in taking out enemy Guardians and Heroes.

3. Before deploying troops, study the base structure and design. You get 30 seconds of spare time to chalk out tactics. Enemy Army Camps are danger zones, and your troops can easily fall prey to attacks if deployed near them. Instead of moving troops near enemy camps, click on a spot near common buildings like Gold Mines or Mana Mills to destroy them first.

4. Enemies located at a distance won’t attack your troops, so the best strategy is to deploy Archers and other military units in areas out of the line of sight of your opponent's army. Use a combination of ranged units and Treants to destroy defensive structures such as towers. You can also adopt the flank attack strategy and attack on the sides to confuse enemies. A flanking maneuver can be quite useful in this game.

5. Deploying troops at the back of an enemy camp is also a good tactic to take down a few buildings and launch a surprise attack. If the rear is guarded by Army Camps, adopt a flank attack strategy to destroy a couple of buildings before advancing toward the enemies.