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How to reset Castle Clash?

Castle Clash / February 27, 2019

Metaps, the app monetization analyst, has scoured November's top grossing games across both the US App Store and Google Play, in part in order to study those entries which chart significantly higher on one store than the other.

Comparing peak rank across both stores, the findings present some rather dramatic differences between platforms - GREE/Funzio's Crime City, for example, peaked at 31 places higher on the App Store than on Google Play.

Conversely, IGG's Castle Clash charts 34 places higher on Google Play than the App Store.

Not so cross-platform

Of course, there are a multitude of reasons for an app gaining more traction on one platform than another.

For instance, Crime City and War of Nations (Funzio's other strategy hit has a difference of 19 places) were both released on iOS long before Google Play even existed.

Early into iOS, Funzio has struggled on Android, relatively speaking

Similarly, Castle Clash presented Android users with a viable alternative to Clash of Clans months before Supercell brought its strategy game to Google Play.