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HBM level on Castle Clash

Castle Clash / August 1, 2019

Hi Dear Castle Clash this time we will discuss the difficulty conquering battle mode HBM O in game castle clash? indeed, HBM O is one level here be monsters II where you will be faced with the Centaur King for the first time in your base. not as usual, where Boss can only be found in some special battle mode or specific events such as boss challenges, and messa. but at HBM O’s, Centaur with his men would demolish your base directly. generally clashers were first confronted with this O HBM will feel frustrated and might seem impossible for him to win. to assume that the only team that the level 180’s that can conquer it. but not so buddy Clashers, castle clash mod apk wait until your team reaches Lv 180 is an old thing. even you can defeat it only by a team consisting of five heroes with Lv160 down. but you also need to consider the following matters:

Santa Boom (required)
Pumpkin Duke (required)
Druid (required)
Immortep (Optional)
Vlad Dracula (required)

Hero list above should have reached Lv 140- an upwards with each skill reaches 6 or 7/10. to crest talent that you can use anywhere, or just appropriate. besides that, you can use other heroes to replace immortep. you can replace with the Thunder God, Cupid, Aries, Grizzly or Siren. while four other heroes such as Vlad Dracula, Santa Boom, Pumpkin duke, and Druid is an absolute must or should you have.

Applying formation Base Corner Town Hall Showdown with 16, 17, 18 or more. for formation base you can see from one base of active members Mokota below.

Adjust the position of hero well. ie putting Vlad and Santa right in front of the entrances (left and right). Druid and Immortep on the left side and on the top and place the pumpkin just in the middle. for more details see the following figure.

Scenario HBM O :

Flow team attackers will likely come from the side of right, left, up or down randomly. they will destroy all the buildings that are beyond and follow the shape of the current existing buildings. let alone used, the shape of the building lines they had prepared in such a way in order to regulate the flow of the attacker’s team entering the nucleus formation base (line of death).

Showdown corner Base formation

After that, the enemy will immediately try to pass both the existing entrance. vlad is where the saint was ready to wipe out any enemies that try to pass through the door, since they both have a good attack range and skill that can crush a bunch of enemies in one proc. whereas for Immortep and Druid will welcome an enemy that tries to pass parts of left and right side walls of the base. though not as tough as VD and SB, but it is enough to give damage on the enemy. in this case the Druid and Immortep has a favorable position. base they will attack the enemy without getting behind the attack, because the enemy is only focused on entering the base and want to destroy a tower in it. let them, because they will still be flattened by VD and SB before reaching the inside of the base. then what Pumkin Duke at the center? PD in that it has a flexible, he can help any hero. besides Pumpkin Duke is at the core of the plan that has been prepared to destroy Centaur appearing on 5th wave. to the presence in the team should be maintained until the last wave. pumpkin duke will increase power attack and attack speed rating of all heroes who would demolish Centaur.