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Clash of Kings Castle level 1

Castle Clash / November 5, 2019

Blue King Laughing

"The King's Tower is the most important tower in a battle; don't let the enemies get to it! If it is destroyed, you lose immediately!"


  • Each player has a 4x4 King Tower, located at the center back of their side of the map, 1 tile from the back.
  • Destroying it automatically grants the player who destroys it 3 Crowns and ends the game.
  • The level of the player's Tower is equivalent to their King Level. The King's Towers' hitpoints and damage are increased by approximately 7% per level up to level 9. From level 10 onwards, these statistics are increased by roughly 10% per level.
  • The King's Tower is classified as a building and will be targeted by Giants, Royal Giants, Lava Hounds, Hog Riders, Balloons, Golems, and Ice Golems directly.
  • The King's Tower, along with the Arena Towers, receives 60% reduced damage from spells and the Miner.
  • When using splash spells like the Fireball and Arrows, don't hit the King's Tower, as doing so will activate the king before destroying a tower, giving the defender a significant advantage.Red King Angry It is possible, though usually impractical, to use high damage spells such as the Rocket or Lightning to directly destroy the King's tower.
  • When using the Miner, Graveyard or the Goblin Barrel to eliminate a building, the Skeletons, Goblins or the Miner might activate the King's Tower if they are placed too close to it.


RED King's Tower

  • On 30/11/16, Supercell released special offers for iOS only, known as the (HERO PACK)RED and (POUCH OF GEMS)RED. Players who purchased either of these offers would gain red decorations around their King's Tower until 6/12/16.