Castle Clash Town Hall level 7 layout

Castle Clash / July 16, 2017

Many of us Clashers fight for a spot on the top of the leaderboards and the chance of immortalizing our name, declaring ourselves a true champion/victor. However, none of this can ever come to be unless we have a viable defense capable of withstanding constant bombardment from attackers, all with the same goal of being the best. We not only need a powerful attack strategy, but also need a strong and durable defense.

This is a page in which you can see good layouts which that may be able withstand against aggressive attacks. In addition, if you have defensive strategies that will help people, we recommend that you post them here instead of the You page.

Remember the new Wall Breaker will not be affected by spikes (spiking) unless there is a structure directly behind the wall; this is the only exception in which the Wall Breaker will go for the spike instead of the main wall.

In addition, Wall Breakers have a larger blast radius, so they can penetrate through two layers of walls.

Wall Concepts

Defense Against the Updated Wall BreakerIn the update the Wall Breakers now target walls that enclose Buildings; this means they ignore and go around free-standing walls. Updated Wall Breakers don't just go to the nearest wall; instead they go to the nearest compartment. Use this to your advantage by channeling them into gaps, where your carefully laid Traps can instantly kill them. This method can also help defend against other Troops, such as Giants. In addition, the more time the Wall Breakers (and other Troops) spend moving and not attacking, the more opportunities your defenses have to kill them.

Wall Layouts in Bases

Base layouts can be divided into two basic commonly used categories: Symmetrical and asymmetrical. Most bases have some amount of symmetry, whether they are partially, bilaterally or quadrilaterally symmetrical; others are bilaterally mirrored. They can be further divided by their basic defensive concept. Here are a few: