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Castle Clash of Clans

Castle Clash / April 2, 2017

Not a true strategy game, a amusing fad but don't invest into it

To call it a strategy game is a embarrassment to the genre. The A.I. is so bad in this game I have no idea how they are making so much money. I have seen a wizard attack a building further away than one closest to it then stop a few attacks in and attack the building closest to it despite not throwing down bombers. Seen normal troops (Barb, Arch, Wiz) walk past buildings to attack one further away and behind a wall. Dragons are the dumbest troops I have ever seen, genre wise if they went after gold first I could handle it, but their AI is so random and there is no pattern, ryhme, or reason for what they do. Its impossible to effectively use them in terms of tactics and strategy. Your option is to watch a retarded lizard commit suicide or its so over powered in the situation that it wins by default. Troops continue to attack walks when there is nothing left behind that wall or even better when their is a hole in the wall next to them. Its the tip of the ice berg, I don't think I can name every single problem with a 5k character limit and some of these are huge almost game breaking. My bottom line for the A.I. is regardless of the money made, and the money being made really just makes it more embarrassing cause they have that resource to use, the programmers for this game should be shutter in humiliation at their failure everytime they see something about COC. This is the most important part of this review too, I am not upset so much that the A.I. is horrid or that the game can be unplayable at times because of it, I am furious at the amount of money these people are getting and I have yet to see a legitimate update correcting major flaws to this date. Their updates consist of temperary cosmetic BS or a new layout/graphics addition and everyone once in awhile they will bump things up a level for max level players. Crooks are what they are and It disgusts me. I play with family and friends and it can be fun but at the end of the day this isn't a game, it sure as heck isn't a strategy game, its a fad and I hope it dies out soon. If you have not played, don't bother. Me, I am done until I see a legit update!