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Castle Clash level Town Hall

Castle Clash / November 18, 2016

Relic Hall is a building where spells can be purchased or upgraded using Gold . Spells gives the player an advantage when they attack a base, and if they are used right, they can easily change the tides of battle.

Higher level spells costs more to purchase, but may deal more damage or heal more HP, cover a larger area, have a longer duration, and increase stats higher.

A player can have up to four spell slots, but they cannot have more than one spell of each type at a time.

Relic Hall building unlocks at Town Hall level 2. As the the Relic Hall building was unlock the spell availability opens.

When you click Relic Hall you will find 3 Icons which commonly shows. These 4 icons are Info, Level Up Magic and Replenish.

There are another Icons which you will find once you Level Up your Relic Hall. These are the Cancel Icon and the Finish Icon. The details for Cancel and Finish Icons are as follows.

Information Icon is normally found at the top right corner of the spell which players may find inside the relic hall. The information provides details about the spell being purchased and information about its might, affects and area of effect and its upgrade amounts and levels. Some details about the spell was also provided on information regarding its use and the number of time it affects the target.

Upgrading a spells gives chance to level up damages and usage against the enemies that Players are attacking. By doing this, enter Relic Hall and manually do the options. Doing such option, an Icon shows an arrow pointing upwards, this arrow is the upgrade options that helps player to upgrade their spells to desired levels. This Icon normally located on the top right corner of the spell which is available for the upgrade.

Spell Description Review
Rains arrows on an area, dealing 8% of Max HP + 120 DMG to all enemy troops within the area over 8 seconds. Does not affect buildings. Effective only against tier 1 troops. Level 5 arrow rain can kill a level 5 Guardian, Hunter and Pyromancer, as well as level 1 Griffin. It is useful magic for low might level against weak troops.
Places a healing circle on the battlefield, healing all friendly troops in the area for 6% of their Max HP + 10 HP every second for 8 seconds. Very useful magic for all might levels. Level 5 can heal 120% HP + 400 over 8 seconds. It gives the heroes and troops extra life in the battlefield.
Invokes Ares' strength on all your troops and heros, granting them +5% ATK until the battle ends. The spell affects troops and includes heroes - deployed before the magic is cast. All troops deployed after will not receive any bonus. This is another useful magic for all might levels. Level 5 increase ATK by 17%, which virtually increases the ATK power of troops by two levels. After using it, all tier 2 level 5 troops (Griffin, Shotgun Dwarf) will have higher per space ATK than tier 3 level 5 troops without boost. (Description says Ares' Fervor will not boost heroes, but it will in battle)
Sweeps a hurricane through the enemy base, dealing 8% Max HP +800 DMG for 8 seconds to all enemy buildings in it's path. Tilt your device to control the storm's path. This magic is usually useless, because it only damage buildings rather than troops. The only case in which Windstorm could be useful is when the towers pose a great threat to the troops. This can happen when the player fights a very high might base this spell can be used to help destroy the towers faster.
Summons an Angel's protection, granting invulnerability to a number of friendly troops (including heroes) in the area for 6 seconds. One of the most important magic spells. If the player uses only heroes to raid, level 1 Guardian Angel provides invulnerability to all heroes. Guardian Angel works best with tier 3 troops, so if the player wants to control their might, wait until they have strong tier 3 troops before upgrading it to high levels. Don't wait until the last second to use. It usually takes about 1 second or more for the magic to go into effect.
Showers an area with meteors, dealing 12% of Max HP as DMG to all enemies in the area for 6 seconds. An upgraded version of Arrow rain. Since the maximum damage is 30%, it will not kill any troops, and can be used to only weaken enemy's troops and heroes. Because its effect is limited, it is recommend that a player NOT upgrade this magic.
Rolls a massive boulder across the battlefield, dealing 10% Max HP +300 DMG for 5 seconds to all enemies in its path. Also reduces ATK of affected troops by 20% for 5 seconds. Tilt your device to guide the boulder. Another upgraded version of Arrow rain, but disaster can kill level 5 Griffin, and can be used to weaken heroes' ATK. However, there is better magic when the player upgrades a few more levels, so disaster is not a recommended magic.
Ares' bloodlust possesses friendly troops (including Heroes) in an area for 8 seconds, granting +20% ATK, ATK SPD, and MOV SPD. A useful magic, the boost in ATK and ATK speed by 60% gives an overall boost of 156%. This means if the player has 50 Griffin, the magic can effectively increase them to 128 griffins for 15 seconds. The timer starts when the troop enters the purple area. This Magic Spell, like Ares Fervor, affects Heroes.
Summons a Phoenix that flies across the battlefield for 10 seconds, randomly reviving 6 friendly troops in it's path (not Heroes). Guide the Phoenix by dragging your finger on the screen. This spell is one of the best companion to tier 3 troops. When fighting high might opponents, high level garrison tower with high level heroes inside is a big threat to heroes. To counter this kind of defense, one way is to send your Ornithopter and FD to destroy enemy towers first, then send out heroes and use Phoenix flight at proper time to revive the troops. Because the hiring time for tier 3 troops is very long, a player can always use this magic to save the time for recruiting troops.
Blankets an area with a snowstorm, dealing 6% of Max HP + 200 DMG and freezing all enemies in the area for 6s. Enemies who enter the area after the initial attack will take damage but not freeze. Snowstorm deals damage to both troops and buildings, but most importantly, the magic freezes everything within range, including towers, effectively granting invincibility to all attacking troops. This is the best spell to clear high level dungeons. A player can easily fight level 180 heroes with level 100 heroes supported by a high level snowstorm. It is also very useful when raiding other people at high might level, since the freezing affects both heroes and towers.