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Castle Clash level 8 Town Hall Defence

Castle Clash / December 29, 2019

Image titled Protect Your Village in Clash of Clans Step 1Build walls effectively. The first aspect to a great defense base in Clash of Clans using all of your walls, and using the walls effectively. At lower levels you won’t have a lot of wall to build so you want to put your most valuable resources inside your walls.

  • At the beginning of your village your three biggest resources are your elixir and gold storages, and your Town Hall.
  • For defense minded players, the Town Hall is your most valued asset. If your attacker cannot destroy your town hall, the most the attacker can get is one star. Town Halls also have the highest hit points of any building, except walls.
  • Focus on building walls around your Town Hall and other defense weapons to protect it.
  • If you leave any gaps in your walls, enemy troops will walk through the broken area.
  • Don’t place all of your defenses and resources inside your walls.Image titled Protect Your Village in Clash of Clans Step 2 Aim to eventually build several layers of walls around your most important buildings and resources.
Use other structures as defense. Archers, Wizards, Hog Riders, and flying creatures are capable of shooting or flying over walls. Use less important buildings to create a buffer for these attacks, delaying your enemies’ progress.
  • Use your cannons, Archer towers, and mortars as a buffer. Place these units inside your walls if you can. If you don’t have enough walls, use these defense buildings to complete your outer defense.
  • Your Archers and cannons should be on the front lines of your defenses. These units are capable of firing quickly and will draw attackers in.
  • Keep your mortars and Air Defense units in the center of your base. These units deal splash damage, meaning the attack targets an area of troops, not individual units.
Join a Clan.Image titled Protect Your Village in Clash of Clans Step 3 Build a Clan Castle and join a clan for extra defenses. The Clan Castle is extremely helpful when defending your village as you can request troops from your clanmates to fight in your village when it’s being attacked.
  • Keep your Clan Castle near your Town Hall if you are playing defensively. This will allow your troops to start close to the action and add an extra defense against your most important resources.
  • Keep your Clan Castle Upgrade priority high as you gain levels.
Place your defenses within range of one another. Think of your defenses like a chain. Enemies like Archers, Wizards, and Barbarians have no preferred target and will attack the closest building.Image titled Protect Your Village in Clash of Clans Step 4 Therefore, create a chain to deal consistent damage from the front to back.
  • These troops will attack your walls, Archer towers, and cannons first if these buildings are at the outside of your village. Place your cannons near your Archer towers so the cannons can attack along with your towers as troops invade.
  • Place your mortars more in the center of your village, but within range of your Archer towers and cannons. The mortars can deal splash damage while invading troops are busy attacking walls and outlying structures.
Leave unnecessary buildings outside your walls. Army camps, barracks, spell factory, laboratory, and even gold and elixir mines should stay outside of your walls. At lower levels, you won’t have the quantity of walls to encase every building; most of these buildings don’t offer any resources worth protecting.
  • While gold mines and elixir collectors will house some resources, it isn’t usually enough to concern yourself with, especially if you play often enough and frequently empty these buildings.
  • Use these exterior buildings as another layer of defense. Enemies like Archers, Wizards, and Barbarians will attack the closest target. Place a cannon or mortar within range of these buildings to get some early attacks in before your enemy destroys the outer building and sets in on the walls.
Protect your gold and elixir stores. Like your Town Hall, your gold and elixir stores house a large number of your resources. Put these buildings close to your Town Hall and near mortars.
  • It’s also a good idea to place bombs near your stores to get a quick attack in when enemy troops move to attack your stores.
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