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Castle Clash iOS Guild

Castle Clash / July 21, 2017

Image titled Maintain Your Guild in Castle Clash Step 6

Tap the guild hall and tap Guild. Tap the tab that says Create Guild. Be sure you have enough gold, at least 500000, to be able to create your guild.

Type in a name that would attract players to join. They usually would want to join a guild that has a cool name, with no spelling mistakes, or any other mistakes in them. Don't choose something like The Killers, or The Guild Clashers. People wouldn't be intrigued in that. Consider something that sounds like you are powerful, but be nice, like Skyhigh Warriors or Night Killers.

Select a badge for your guild. Select a badge that would match your Guild's name. For example, if your Guild's name is Phoenix Power, choose a badge that looks like fire or the flames from a Phoenix. If it is something like Night Killers, choose a badge that looks dark like it is at night. Have a badge that seems as if you mean what your Guild name is.

Choose a might requirement. Good might requirements can be 1000, 5000, or even 10000 might. Be sure you have the same amount of might that your requirement is. If you have 5000 might and the requirement is 10000 might, it wouldn't make sense. Soon, once you have more might, you will be able to change the might requirement to get stronger members. Change the might requirement at least 5000 more might up every time you and a few other members have moved up.

Type in a description. Mainly type in how many shards your guild members should donate each day, week, etc. You should also type in when boss battles will start each day or week. Put the server time since there may be people who join your guild that live around countries that have different times in them. If there is enough space in the description box, you can list things like no cussing or info about promotions. You can also just type in a friendly summary about how your guild will be like.

Check over the info once more. Once you type in the name of the guild, you cannot change it. You can only change the badge, might requirements, and the description. Fix spelling mistakes to make a good impression on members who join, as well as mistakes in the description.