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Castle Clash / February 13, 2018

A hard step for any clash of clans addict guy. Playing from scratch and building a powerful village with fully upgraded defense and troops. Then on very bad morning you decide to delete COC completely from your Android or IOS and from Google+ account too. If you are planning to do this with your very own COC village then this small tutorial will help you to unlink Clash of Clans from Google+ Account.

During Initial stage of game, we link it with Google+ via Gmail accounts such that all our game progress remains save and in case of accidents like game deletion, Mobile format, we can play from where we left. Google provide to save App data with their Google game feature and I’m strong admirer of it.

As of now you have decided, so I’ll explain you step by step about deletion/Unlink process of Clash of clans from Gmail ID.

Procedure is simple and could be done easily. You need to have your Linked Gmail account and Google+ profile. Now in this tutorial I’ve used my village name Sumit which is linked with [email protected]

Step 1 : Completely delete Clash of Clans From your Android or IOS device. This could be done from Setting > Apps. I think you all know how to delete Apps from system.

Step 2 : Now open Google+ Account Profile. Here you need to login with your email ID and password. Fill up both the fields and get access to your profile.

Step 3 : On your profile homepage, click on Home drop down list. A long list with setting option will be displayed. Click on setting. Take hint from below screenshot.

Step 4 : After opening settings, you will find Apps & Activities. This is your deal from where you will be deleting clash of clans. Click on Manage Apps & Activities.

Step 5 : Under this option you will find all Apps, games which you have saved using Google+ ID. App will displayed in format like :

Step 6 : Click on pen like mark and select disconnect. Select check-box option and tap on disconnect. It will disconnect/Unlink COC from Google.

Conclusion About Unlinking Clash Of Clans

That’s it. You have successfully deleted Clash of clans from Google+ (Gmail) Account. In case in future you regret your step and would like to undo it. For that situation simply Launch COC game on your Android or IOS mobile and sign In with Gmail account. Game will again link up like that before.