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Castle Clash base Design level 9

Castle Clash / October 30, 2019

You might have see my Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 bases I shared, but now I'm back with Town Hall 9, trying to make the best bases to counter GoHo, LavaLoonion, and other strategies... You can check out my last two articles below!

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Town Hall 9 Anti-LavaLoonion Base Layout

The first Town Hall 9 base layout we have is an anti-lavaloonion layout. Straight up lavaloonion is one of the more popular attacks during war at Town Hall 9 and it is important to have spread out, yet centralized air defenses. X-Bows should obviously be pointed in the air to shoot down lava hounds and balloons.

Town Hall 9 Anti-GoHo Base Layout

In my opinion, Go-Ho is by far the most effective strategy at Town Hall 9 and it is KEY to be able to defend this strategy. The best ways to do this are spread out defenses, perfectly placed bombs, and a hard to lure clan castle.

Town Hall 9 Anti-Three Star Base Layout

Finally, comes the the Town Hall 9 anti three star base design. Lots of TH10s will be attacking you in war, and you must be able to prevent these big boys from three starring you. Therefore, you offer up your Town Hall in return for a more centralized clan castle and defenses so that you will have a better chance in stopping your opponent from getting three.