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Castle Clash Aries gameplay

Castle Clash / November 23, 2019

  • Runs on the Sunday of every other week for 1 hour made up of three 20 minute rounds.
  • Guilds must register and select a time slot the day before (Saturday of the week).
  • Each player can form up to 3 teams each consisting of up to 6 heroes that can placed in any of the 9 slots.
  • After each of the thee 20 minute rounds, capture points are updated and all dead Heroes will be revived.
  • Free objectives are guarded by monsters and captured objectives are guarded by the Heroes of the player that captured it.
  • The event objective is to earn capture points:

Rallying and Moving

  • Guild Leader or Vice-Leaders can rally their guild members to an objective.
  • You can’t pass through an objective captured by other guilds to get to another objective beyond it.
  • If your team passes by an objective captured by enemies, your team will stop travelling and engage in battle.

You can’t move to an objective:

  • if two other Guilds are battling there.
  • your Guild is battling in if the number of participating teams is at the maximum.


Each of your 3 teams operates independently.

Attacking: you have to defeat the guards defending the objective to capture it.

  • If you do not defeat the defender with 3 minutes then all the heroes in the team will be considered dead.
  • After a win, surviving heroes are be returned to their original HP and HP levels and dead heroes remain dead.

Defending: a defending player’s team stationed at an objective will join the battle after the guards.

Battle: members of the defending Guild can travel to the objective and participate in the battle.

  • Battles occur in order of arrival time.
  • A guild will lose an objective when it runs out of occupying or arriving teams.

Accessing Fortress Feud:

Tap your Guild Hall, then tap “Event.” From the list of Guild events, tap “Fortress Feud."

Event Registration

Registration Day: The day before the event on the 3rd Saturday of every month. A countdown to registration is shown in "Events"under "Fotress Feud".

You need to ensure you have registered a time slot for your guild BEFORE the event starts.
Please note that each time slot has limited places.

Event Day: The day after registration on the 3rd (or 4th) Sunday of every month (the Sunday of the 3rd Saturday / registration) Event Time Slots:

1st Time Slot: 04:00-05:00 (GMT -5)
2nd Time Slot: 12:00-13:00 (GMT -5)
3rd Time Slot: 20:00-21:00 (GMT -5)
  1. At 09:00 (GMT -5) on registration day, guilds in the top 1, 500 of the Guild Might rankings may register for the event. Registration closes at 24:00 (GMT -5).
  2. Only Guild Leaders and Vice-Leaders may register their guild for the event.
  3. During registration, Guild Leaders and Vice-Leaders can choose from one of three time slots for the guild to participate in the event. The time slot can’t be changed once the guild has registered.
  4. Fortress Feud will begin the next day during the selected time. It will last one hour.
  5. Up to 800 guilds can register in a time slot. You won’t be able to register if the limit has been reached. A prompt will let you know if this is the case.
  6. After your guild has registered, there will be a countdown to the beginning of the event on the Fortress Feud interface.

Division Sorting

  1. Guilds that have registered for different time slots will not be sorted into the same division.
  2. Within each time slot, guilds will be sorted into divisions in order of the guild’s Might and overall points for the previous Fortress Feud.
  3. Each division will have four guilds. If the number of participating guilds is not a multiple of four, there will be at least three guilds in a division.

Forming Teams

Tap “Form Team” to access the interface where you can edit your Hero Teams.

  1. You can form up to three teams, each containing up to six Heroes (if Heroes are not evolved, they must be at least Lv 100) which can placed in any other of the nine available spots.
  2. The new teams will appear in your guild’s starting point.
  3. You can edit your team setup when they’re not in battle nor in a tower that is being challenged (but you must have at least one Hero in your team at all times).
  4. Once your heroes have revived after each round, you will need to form your teams again.

Team Movement

After you have formed your Hero teams, simply tap an objective and select a team number to send that team to that objective.